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Golden Sky Roofing Your Solution Is On The Horizon


  • Full Residential Roof Replacements and Repairs

  • Commercial Coatings and Repairs

  • Home Hardening against Wild Fires

  • Gutters, Gutter Guards and Gutter Cleaning

  • Real Estate Inspections, 5-Year-Certifications

  • Class IV Verifications for Insurance Discounts

  • Ventilation and Insulation Improvements

Climbing a Ladder


& Integrity



to Detail

& Accountable

Fixing the Roof

About Us

Golden Sky Roofing

We meet every client's unique situation with integrity, mindfulness, and a critical attention to detail. We advocate for our customers throughout the insurance process. Some of our expertise include: ​
  • Eagle Scout Led
  • CRA Certified
  • OSHA Certified
  • ICC Certified
  • Owens Corning Top of House Certified
  • Professional Photographer/Videographer

Built on the principles of Good Stewardship, the "12 Points of the Scout Law," nearly 10 years in the home restoration industry, and the track record of almost a thousand satisfied customers, Golden Sky Roofing provides accurate and honest inspections for homeowners, business owners, insurance and real estate agents alike.
Fixing the Roof


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