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Builder Grade Soffits...Another Corner Cut

Past couple weeks I've come across some real bonehead moves while doing attic work. Every single time it comes down to people cutting corners.

Did this one down in C Springs because a home inspector found actual ICE accumulating in the attic. Why? Combination of low insulation and NO VENTILATION!

When we pealed the soffit vents back we discovered there weren't any vents there at all! Sometimes it takes extra steps to do the job right, but it's always worth it.

Fixing all of the "Builder Grade" mistakes took our team into a second day of production. However, any job worth doing is a job worth doing right. In the end all the mistakes were fixed, the attic (for the first time ever) was allowed to breathe, the seller was able to meet the buyer's objections and another happy customer is in the books. #AdventuresInRoofing #CheapBids #Fail #Insulation #ColoradoRoofer #ColoradoSpringsRoofer #AtticInsulation #AtticVentilation #InsulationInstaller

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