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History Lessons

Today I did a quick repair for a couple on my way home. One of our past customers referred us and when I called the gentleman he said he had contacted another roofer already, but that they wouldn’t be out for another week or so.

It was a small job so I told them I would swing by and take a look. The repair took all of 10 minutes and I decided simply to thank them for the opportunity and go on my way.

What happened next was one of the “hidden treasures” I often coach new sales people on. If we, as sales professionals and roofing professionals, really do our job right (which is in essence being of service) then people will open their homes to us. When this happens we consider it a “privilege.” When they share something special about themselves, we call this an “honor.”

Today I was given the “honor” of learning about Donald G. Stratton, one of the few survivors of the attack on the U.S.S. Arizona in Pearl Harbor. The “teachers” were his son and his wife, who shared with me not only stories but an actual piece of the ship his father served on, complete with bullet holes from Japanese war planes. As a thank you I was gifted a commemorative coin printed in honor of Mr. Stratton.

These types of chance happenings are just some of the awesome things we come across on “Adventures in Roofing!”

Here is an interesting article on this cherished naval memoirist….

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