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Insurance Agents...What Are You Doing to Prepare Your Clients for Wildfire?

Client's the lifeblood of your book of business as an agent. Strengthening homes against extreme weather helps cut claims down and ultimately keeps your clients happy. That's why so many roofers offer free upgrades to Class IV shingles, to try and win your favor. Now, offering free upgrades isn't a great way to stay in business or to guarantee a well-built roof (more on that in another installment), but it does at least make for a more hail resistant roof. And that's a great thing! But what about the total devastation caused by wildfire? How are you protecting your clients? As we saw last year in the Marshal fire, non-hardened structures can disappear all too quickly, leaving nothing but heartache and loss. Increasingly, clients move to new carriers when they realize their policy can't fully indemnify, and when that happens you lost a hard-won client. We have been busy this last year working to level up our commitment to helping people protect their homes against disaster and are excited to help answer the question...What Are You Doing to Prepare Your Clients for Wildfire? We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your office to talk about how we can help you build stronger relationships with your clients by building stronger, more resilient homes. Give us a shout!

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