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Service Work makes the Dream Work

Roughly four years ago we met a mom and son duo from Vietnam on a hail inspection. Their detached garage was an old organic 3-tab and their main roof was a flat tar & gravel that was in really rough shape.

As expected, the insurance claim covered the garage (organic shingles are difficult to get covered, but we’ll cover that in a different post) but uniformly denied coverage on their main dwelling.

Fast forward to late Spring of this year after a heavy snow and we received a late night call from the son. In broken English he explained that the whole house was leaking!

First thing the next morning we came out to inspect the roof and sure enough his ceiling was leaking in multiple locations.

They went ahead and filed a claim (despite our best efforts to convince them otherwise) and as expected the insurance company is not only denying the claim, but threatening to drop them if it’s not repaired.

Now, I won’t get started here on how many ways this chaos my hide, but I understand the policy and why the insurance company is trying to bow out.

Fast forward…without giving too much detail away, we‘ll say this much: the homeowners are in no way able to afford repairs of this magnitude. Not even close. Their possessions are found in warm smiles and hearty food, not in dollar bills, savings accounts or credit scores.

So, what to do?

We believe in “Walking in Beauty” and “Paying it Forward.” Sometimes the only “right” thing to do is “wrong” for business. So be it…I like to sleep at night.

We have had a blessed first year and have chosen to help these folks the best we can. Today is day two of a lengthy, multi-step process to get them water tight again and save not only their insurability but also their home.

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