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Winning the Day: How Preparation and Positive Mindset work to Achieve Greatness

Our crews are accustomed to working with and meeting all sorts of challenges: steep inclines, treacherous approaches, old and slick roof surfaces and extreme temperatures to name a few. The danger is real every time, but they are experienced and well prepared for these situations.

Every single roof is different, but the challenges are roughly the same. This is where planning and the richness of experience comes into play. Once in a while however we come across something new and have to quickly adapt. This is where Mindset comes in clutch.

After completing a retrofit commercial coating in Park Hill, the property owner, pleased with our work, asked if we could tackle a somewhat complex problem for him. Decades of patch work by electrical crews had left a rat's nest of wires on the back of their building. The gutter was in the way of any real corrective work being done and needed to be removed. The catch was that the gutter was surrounded by outdated electrical masts and the project involved coordinating with the local power utility, a small electrical team and our guys working together in harmony.

Now, if you've never worked around construction, you should know that often times different trades war with each other on the job site. When the work is dangerous, expert precision is required and money is on the line, tensions can run high. Add the "macho" effect of a lot of tradesmen and it can be a recipe for disaster.

The “Preparation” in our story revolves around timing. We had a very small window to remove 7” industrial gutters, 70 year old fascia, pain and prep new materials, and reinstall the gutters all on an early Sunday morning.

This is where "Mindset" comes into play. In this event, the natural positivity of those working early on that Sunday morning prevailed. Upon removing the rotted fascia, the entire reason the gutter was coming loose from the wall was discovered. All those years ago the trim board was never fully attached as the roof trusses didn't reach the wall. This allowed the weight of the gutter (especially when full) to pull away from the building resulting in issues with the mortar and brick wall. This posed a very real problem to properly reinstall the gutter. Usually this would be enough to light the fuse of some very big powder kegs. However, our guys remained positive, upbeat and focused. They were able to correct the issue, install fresh trim and reinstall the gutters, all the while working under a tight deadline and safely around high voltage crews. The entire event was over in roughly two hours and we finished with some locally baked bread and coffee to celebrate! It's these moments that remind us to plan, keep positive and press on! Good job guys!

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