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Welcome to Golden Sky Roofing!

Quickly becoming one of the premiere Roofing companies in Colorado, Golden Sky Roofing is founded on the principles of good stewardship, sound materials, skilled craftsmanship and service to community. Our motto is "Build Better" and our slogan is "Your Solution is on the Horizon."

We place an emphasis on high quality builds, start to finish. From the initial inspection to the final Q/C, our approach is different than most. Where most contractors race to the bottom we aim to rise to the top. Our commitment to "Build Better" means better materials, better crews and better methods.

Beyond just roofs, we specialize in full Top-of-House systems, including being the only contractor certified to install fireproof venting. It is our hope that as we face the challenges of rapidly changing climate, together we can build more resilient communities. Energy efficiency, hail resistance and "hardened" attics and crawlspaces resilient against firestormes like the Marshal Fire in January 2022. 

Send us an email, or even better yet give us a jingle to set up your low-pressure, high-tech inspection today. We look forward to helping you find, "Your Solution on the Horizon!"

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